Essay On Cultural Competence

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Given the diversity of our country, it has become increasingly important for therapists to increase their cultural competence when it comes to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients in counseling and therapy. Understanding one’s cultural identity is essential to tailor treatments that reflect their cultural attitudes and ultimately increase response rates. Also, understanding cultural differences could help explain differences in rates substance use, which may be considered sacred in their culture, and mental illness, which may presently differently across cultures or be referred as different names. At the most basic level, cultural competence is needed when it comes to language barriers and a cultural distrust in therapy. It…show more content…
I was raised to try to understand where someone was coming from before passing judgment and I generally do, but sometimes I find myself getting frustrated with people who do not think the same way I do, which then impacts how I treat them. For example, last weekend I disagreed with my father on where to put the groceries and I had immense trouble understanding how his type of thinking did not match with mine, to the point where I became curt and callous in my interactions him. Another limitation of my cultural identity is that both Sweden and America value independence, so there is a strong focus on myself, as opposed to those cultures who value interdependency. Although I strongly value my family, I tend to put myself before them. This type of thinking limits my understanding of people from interdependent cultures that put their families before themselves. For example, I would have trouble understanding one’s resistance to giving up an opportunity to benefit themselves, like moving away for a job, to stay close to family. My own experiences are quite opposite from this, two years ago my mom supported me to move 500 miles away to go to the University of California, Irvine to expand my experiences and opportunities because she knew how limited those where in the area I grew up
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