Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ijtihad

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CLASSIFICATION The strict importance of ijtihad is to strive with one's aggregate capacity and exertions to achieve an objective in which for this situation is to attempt to derive the celestial laws of Sharia from the solid sources and confirmations. There are several types of ijtihad that can be included, which are Ijma’, Qiyas, Istihsan, Maslahah Murshalah, Istihab and ‘Urf. IJMA’ Ijma is the opinion of all members of ijtihad resolution at a time on a problem related to the Sharia. Unanimous agreement that the scholars have established law relating with Islam based on the Al-Quran and Hadith in any matter related to Sharia. It is a joint decision made by the scholars of ijtihad way to then negotiated and…show more content…
Matters that are being considered in which there is no specific evidence in Sharia about public interest but it would be agreed upon general sense with the universal Sharia principles. In order to help protecting and preserving the five necessities, which are protecting life, religion, intellect, wealth and honour, consideration is made. ISTISHAB Istihab is extending the existence of law of other arguments that have changed the law. It is an action that has a set to a resolution until there is a reason that could be changed. URF It is usually done, whether in words or deeds by a person or group of people. The action is still possible to determine a customs and habits of the local community for such activities that does not conflict with the principal rules of the Qur'an and Hadith. Other than that, it is known as opposed to the unknown, the familiar and customary as opposed to the unfamiliar and strange.…show more content…
Istihasan also included by the Sunni Muslims, which is it does not take similar cases for their solution, unlike Qiyas, it only give opinion accorded to the inclination and intellect approved by the scholars and it only see the closest to the justice. In contrasting with Sunni Muslims, this kind of Ijtihad is not permitted by the shariah as accordance with the Shi’i Muslims because there are many relevant Hadiths and existing rulings in the Al-Quran. There were some difficulties happened in the practice of Ijtihad among the Sunni Muslims and it did not last very long in their community because there is nothing will be remained in the way of Islam if every person permitted to interpret or giving their own

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