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Gerardo Amarillas BUSM 20 Observation Paper In today's modern and interconnected world FedEx stands out as one of the world's leading logistics companies in the world. FedEx is a company that clearly distinguishes itself by implementing their customer relationship management at levels of operations. FedEx provides a service that the customer can rely on. This is done by carefully attending to the customers overnight shipping needs this idea was founded by FedEx owner Fredrick Smith in the early in 1970s. The main idea is to provide fast and efficient overnight shipping to all parts of the United States. Without question FedEx stands out by exceeding customer expectations. Their expedited shipping service is…show more content…
Customers regard FedEx as a top company with an extensive operation management that allows the company to work effectively and provide high quality satisfaction. Fedex customer management is based on time delivery to the destination, safe and secure delivery, continuous monitoring of packages all of these details lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. Also, this model helps attract and retain the most profitable customers and allows for better service to the existing customer. All of these processes is what FedEx uses as their customer relationship management…show more content…
For example, shipping packages overnight is not a cheap option if we compare it to shipping via land. FedEx innovative pricing and delivery options help maintain their overnight shipping cost to a reasonable price. FedEx has several options they include, next day business, 2nd day, 3rd day and express save regardless of the shipping option FedEx always delivers on the expected delivery date if not the customer can claim a refund. In order to deliver the tons of overnight packages FedEx has the largest fleet of cargo planes in the world larger than their rival UPS. FedEx pricing is not exactly the cheapest option but with the rise of e-commerce it makes more sense to trust a company that specializes in fast overnight shipping when the customer needs their product in the shortest time possible. Overall FedEx provides quality service at a reasonable price for shipping via

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