Moto Coming To America Case Study

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Background Story In the case study provided by Professor Gnuse, "Moto: Coming to America" is about two unique cultures endeavoring to take part in an important partnership. Moto, the project director of KKD (a Japanese car part provider), is a fruitful man from Japan who is coming to America with hopes of gaining knowledge about which U.S. contracting organization will be most reasonable for KKD. Moto came to America knowing English however still had the characteristics of a Japanese representative. He needed to strive to gather information of the social differences between Americans and Japanese culture before he entered the US. He met a man named Kubushevsky who could show him diverse things about the way of life and in the long…show more content…
Bearing a blessing demonstrates that they consider the gathering important and are endeavoring to assemble a relationship with the person receiving the gift. CNN revealed that individuals’ trades endowments to show thankfulness to potential customers and their supervisors. The case talked about how Moto gave Crowell kokeshi dolls and Crowell did not react in the most suitable way. Crowell explained that his daughter would love this doll and simply set it to the side without even considering the meaning behind the gift-giving aspect of the Japanese culture. Moto was embarrassed while giving the blessing to Crowell and his reaction advocated Moto's inner sentiments. Crowell eventually started boasting about how he has the “best” wife and how successful his company is, as if Moto has not done his research. This is another key cultural difference that I observed while reading the case study. The last key cultural issue would be the interaction between Moto and George Kubushevsky. Crowell introduced Moto to George Kubushevsky, who is in charge of acquainting Moto with Allmack's providers and some other huge business relations. Again, the issue of the business card came up as Kubushevsky did not respond with a business card expressing how he never carries them. in the wake of taking Moto's card. Throughout the following couple of weeks Kubushevsky drove Moto…show more content…
All around the world, there are diverse customs and societies that we are uninformed of. In order to legitimately work well with another individuals’ and to be mindful of their cultures or traditions, we have to extend our insight and understandings of the meaning behind why people act the way they do. I believe that it is acceptable to ask questions when you are unsure of another person’s actions and remain honest with that person. In a meeting once I heard someone share “You can only work with the resources you have accessible to you today.” I thought about that comment on a few different occasions while I was reading the case study and doing outside

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