Examples Of Greek Mythology

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Mythology is a collection of myths and stories belonging to a particular belief system or cultural tradition. Even though there are a variety of different myths taught around the world, Greek mythologies are more famously known for their fruitful stories and complex relationships. Greek mythologies mostly concern their gods and heroes such as; Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, and Perseus. Of the many Greek heroes, Jason is the most heroic due to the fact that although he is abandoned at a very young age, he is still able to survive, also he proves to Hera the goddess who hated heroes that he is worthy to be favoured by her, and he completes the impossible quest of the Golden Fleece. Jason is born in a very superior family, having a father who…show more content…
During the years he spends with Chiron, the trainings has reulted him to become skillful and wise. And, as he has come of age, he set out like a proper hero to claim his rightful throne. On the way to meet his uncle, Jason meets Hera the goddess of marriage who is disguised as an old lady. Due to the fact that when Pelias becomes the new king of Iolcus, he worships all the other gods excluding Hera, the goddess grew mad at Pelias and decides to help Jason to reclaim his throne for his punishment. Before bestowing all of her divine aid to Jason, Hera gives Jason a test to make sure if Jason has a heart of a true hero. Hera in the form of an old lady, asks Jason if he can carry her over a rushing stream, and without hesitation, Jason agrees. Nvertheless Hera secretly increases her weigh as Jason crosses the stream, Jason successfully carries her to the other side without saying a word. Seeing Jason has passed her test, Hera then decides to help him through his journey of taking the throne back from Pelias. This illustrates that Jason has a heart of a true hero, and he has the willingness to help anyone even strangers who struggles. Even though Hera hates heroes since her husband Zeus has affairs with other women to create more heroes, the goodwill of Jason impresses Hera, and shows to her that he is worthy to become a true
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