Harry Potter Vs Greek Mythology Essay

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Brian Schmidt Professor Box English Composition 1 10/6/2015 Similarities between the Harry Potter Series and Ancient Mythology Percy Byron Shelley once said “We are all Greeks.” This is meant to convey that modern society has been vastly affected by ancient Greek society. In literature, the myths and archetypes of ancient Greece have persevered throughout the ages into today’s society. The Harry Potter series, one of the most popular and controversial book series of today’s society is heavily influenced by not only Greek mythology, but Roman mythology as well. The Harry Potter series and these mythologies share many elements, particularly in its characters, themes, and plot development. The most common similarity between these mythologies is the similarities between the characters. Many Harry Potter characters and Mythological characters share the same name. Professor Minerva McGonagall’s first name…show more content…
Both Heracles and Harry focused on a theme of fate. Both characters wanted to pursue a “normal life”, but were forced into events of world changing proportions. Heracles tried to live a normal life with his wife and children, but is driven to kill them from induced madness from Hera. Harry tries to go about his business at Hogwarts, but Voldemort and his allies try to kill Harry, forcing events and outcomes so that Harry can’t live a normal life. In another Greek legend, the Odyssey, Odysseus champions good and battles evil, like Harry Potter does throughout the series. The main difference between the Harry Potter series and ancient Greek mythology regarding theme, is that the Potter series exemplifies a theme of humility, while ancient Greek myths were known for promoting pride. However, the Odyssey shares many other themes with Harry Potter. For example, themes of identity and free will appear in both, as a result of magic that can control other’s minds that are present in

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