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From ancient times different societies have worshiped gods, believing in their power and being afraid of their fury. People have prayed and made sacrifices in order to achieve the gods’ mercy and generosity. Ancient Greeks and Romans existed in the middle ages. This paper will describe the main gods and goddesses of ancient Greek and Roman societies. It will also look at main similarities and differences between the gods and goddesses of theses societies. There are a lot of similarities between the Greeks and Roman gods, Roman religion was based on Greek religion. As Greek mythology was founded about a millennium before the Roman. So Roman founded their religion that is basis off the Greek religion. Greek and Romans religions are sort of the same because both of them are polytheistic religions. ‘Polytheism is a belief in, or worship of, many gods or divinities’. There are just about thirty gods in each of these cultures. Greeks and Romans had almost the same gods, despite the differences in their names. Here is are some example, both cultures has the god of sea, the goddess of love and the god of war.…show more content…
There is also a queen of the gods in Greek and Roman mythologies. The Greeks call her Hera, as for the Romans call their queen Juno. As we know each ancient societies have twelve main gods and goddesses. In Greek mythology they are known as the Twelve Olympians. They have Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus, Hera, Athena, Artemis, and Dionysus. The Greeks call these the twelve main gods and goddesses as to fellows: As to Romans they are called Jupiter, Neptune, Pluton, Mars, Feb, Volcano, Juno, Venus, Diana, and Bacchus. If one thinks about it they are same gods and goddesses just with different

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