The Pianist Short Story

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The Pianist This essay is about a story that begins in Polish in the Warsaw Radio, a Jewish Musician named Wladyslav Spizllman was a survivor of the attack that the Germans do against the Jews and this is the story about him.To understand this essay better I will put some things to help you.First what is a holocaust the holocaust was the time that the Germans put the Jewish people on the Warsaw Ghetto and the time that they make a lot of things to the Jews like kill them or steel their things and take their freedom away.The Warsaw Ghetto was like a prison for Jews that the Germans build to enclose all Jews there the Ghetto was built in the capital of Polish, in the Ghetto the Germans put around like 360,000 to 400,000 Jews in the Ghetto it was an area of 3.4Km 2 and it is estimate that 7.2 persons live in one room of the Ghetto the Ghetto was big but not for that number of people there were no resources for that amount of people and a lot were dying of hunger and diseases related with that and the people can´t help each other because anyone have resources to help someone an the Germans do not do nothing .SynopsisThe story begins in the Warsaw Radio Wladyslav Spizllman was playing the piano when the Germans get to polish and they throw bombs in Warsaw.Wladyslav was working in the Warsaw Radio when the Germans start to throw the bombs Wladyslav scape to his home and they found out that Germans…show more content…
Then the Russians get all the Germans and give their things back to the Jews and all comeback to the normally and Wladyslav continue his life.Then he try to look for the German man who help him to survive but he never find him.My conclusion is that the Germans never have any reason to make that things to the Jews and I think that the other countries can help the Jews to take the Germans away , I think that Germans were so bad and they never think how would they will feel if they do that things to them . The war doesn´t help in anything it only destroy kill and do

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