Social Discrimination In Ableism

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The definition of discrimination, in the broadest sense of the term, is defined as an illegal treatment and unfavourable in respect of a person or a group of person because of differences in contrast to others persons who are in the similar cases. These differences can take diverse forms, for instance the origin, a different religion or even the opposite sex. This different treatment can result of the distinction, the social isolation or even the segregation of different people and often their rights. II) DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION 1. Problems: a- Definition Discrimination against the disabled or ableism is discrimination action against people based on the physical ability of their body, especially against people with disabilities. An ableist…show more content…
Solutions: a- Laws are created for avoided this discrimination: Agefiph In the 1920s, two laws require employers recruiting disabled war veterans. But it’s the law of 10 July 1987, which requires all public and private companies with 20 or more employees to use at least 6% of people with disabilities. This Act provides for the payment of a contribution for private companies that do not meet this quota. This is the law that arises Agefiph, the association responsible for managing the development fund for the professional integration of disabled people. Agefiph is committed to transparency in its operations, the reliability and quality of service. For over twenty-five years Agefiph built its action around a strong commitment to provide the fairest, most efficient version of its slogan "open employment for people with disabilities." b- Discrimination, government policies, and support all around the world. In many countries it is now against the law to discriminate against disabled people in various areas of their…show more content…
As of April 2011, 99 of the 147 signatories had ratified the Convention. Countries that sign the convention are required to adopt national laws, and remove old ones, so that persons with disabilities will, for example, have equal rights to education, employment, and cultural life, to the right to own and inherit property, to not be discriminated against in marriage, to not be unwilling subjects in medical experiments,

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