Discrimination In Sociology Essay

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According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, discrimination is defined as treating a person or particular group of people differently especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people, mainly because of their skin color, sex, sexuality and others. Discrimination is not actually an action of physically harmed an individual only. Trying to distinguish, to single out someone or make a distinction to the way people are usually treated for some arbitrary reason is also called discrimination. To add, according to the book, Essentials of Sociology, discrimination is an action, or unfair treatment directed towards someone. Discrimination can be based on many different things. For example discrimination can be based on age, gender,…show more content…
That is because Islam respect a human for being a human not for any other reason. Islam also does not distinguish between two races, or two groups of people, or between two colors, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW addressed the people signifying that concept during the last Hajj pilgrimage, saying: "O People! Your God is one; your father is one; no preference of an Arab neither over non-Arab nor of a non-Arab over an Arab or red over black or black over red except for the most righteous. Verily the most honored of you is the most…show more content…
It did emphasized not only the equality, but also applied it in the society since 1400 years ago, when during that time mankind used to suffer the worst social stratification among people and individuals in society and the practice of enslaving the human is commonly known and is widely used. The eradication of racism consciousness is one of the outstanding moral achievements of Islam. This is the secrete that made Islam and Muslims prevail nations in the past. Islam did not prevail through battles only, but because Islam is a complete din and has truth guidance for life. Islam has all the guidance that covers from rituals, beliefs, how to deal with the worldly matters and also morals value that should be practiced among mankind. With all that, the religion of Allah is comprised and with all that, Muslims won and prevailed in the past and with it, Muslims can prevail and rule these days or any other time

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