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Prejudice, discrimination, racism. Three occurrences that sadly transpire in today's society, nevertheless, there has been much debate as to how we can eradicate them, but to do so, we must first and foremost know what they are and why they exist. So, the question we ask in this essay; Why does prejudice, discrimination and racism happen? Is it something you're born with, or are there other reasons? To be able to answer this question, we must begin with knowing what prejudice, discrimination and racism is. Prejudice is an unjustified attitude towards an individual based on their "membership" of a social group (i.e. Jews, Hispanic etc.). Whereas, discrimination is a consequence of prejudice, as it is acting upon said unjustified attitude. Racism, in turn, is discrimination based solely on race. It's imperative to note that anyone can have prejudices, but, as stated; it's acting on them that makes it discriminatory behaviour. For example, one can have a prejudice that every bike gang member partakes in criminal activity, but when you consciously…show more content…
If a person has a bad experience with an individual from a certain ethnical/cultural group, it may lead to the person projecting the behaviour onto all members of that group. The reason why this leads to prejudice, discrimination and racism can be explained by Henri Tajfel's social identity theory. This theory states that we tend to increase our own self-image by discriminating and having prejudicial views against other groups and that by doing so, we also enhance the status of our own groups. Moreover, it states that stereotyping is based on the tendency to group things together, and at the same time over-exaggerating the differences between groups and the similarities within the groups. Stereotypes often tend to be ethnocentric as well. Therefore, stereotypes lead to prejudice, discrimination and racism because they make us over-exaggerate behaviour and project it onto all members of a

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