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“Fan or fanatic” Being a fan means “a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing”. A fanatic is “a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.” Being a fan is better than being a fanatic because being a fanatic seems a little obsessive and people could get the wrong idea about someone. Many people do not know the difference between the two. There are more fans than fanatics. A fan loves whatever it is they are a fan of. If it’s a band, a tv show, a celebrity, etc. they just feel happy when they see it , or when they are in the atmosphere of it. A fan would not go insanely crazy when they hear someone mention whatever it is they are a fan of. A fanatic on the other hand would probably scream on the inside. If the fanatic is with a friend, or someone they know, they would most likely tell them, “Did you just hear what that person said?” with a lot of enthusiasm. For example, source 2 states “But a…show more content…
Do you know the difference?” it explains, not only the definition of being a fan and fanatic, but examples of the two as well. “A fan is someone who likes football. They watch it, follow it, go to some games, and talk about it with their friends. A fanatic is a person who rounds up six of his buddies, paints their big ol’ beer bellies with the letters C-O-W-B-O-Y-S (or any other team) and then takes their shirts off at the game even when the temperature is freezing.” States Larry Winget in source 1. Someone could also say fans use common sense when it come to doing that. Maybe the fanatic did not care how cold it was, or is, when they are at a football or baseball game. Then again, that is what fanatics decided to do, so maybe the fanatic knew the consequences were, “I’m going to freeze the whole entire game.” but they are fanatics, and they would do

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