Polo Hatchback Characteristics

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Introduction Consumers display certain characteristics and have different needs, which mean they have different reasons as to purchasing products. With the aid of a Polo Vivo, this essay will examine and explain these needs and also uncover personality traits that the consumers display in fulfilling these needs. History of Polo Vivo hatchback A hatchback is a vehicle class that has a body configuration with a rear door that swings upward and has a design that can be traced to the early 1930’s. This car class has been marketed from superminis to small family car. The Polo is a car that is manufactured by the German powerhouse, in the car industry, Volkswagen. This model was first introduced in the year 1975. Since 1975 there has been 5 generations…show more content…
Needs can be categorised into two groups which are innate needs, these are needs such as food, water and sex, and the second group is the acquired needs which are needs that are learnt due to an individual’s surroundings or cultural believes. In order to obtain or achieve these needs, a driving factor has to propel one to act; this factor is referred to as being motivation. The reason some sacrifice their time to spend on their family or even at times leisure be in a job that at times they don’t enjoy, is due to the fact that they want to gather resources that will assist in fulfilling their needs. Theories have been brought up by theorists and these theories indicate that needs are not fully satisfied at times and that needs lead to even more needs. A diagram that best describes how individuals go about fulfilling their needs is the model of motivation process, which is illustrated in figure 1 below. This diagram indicates the process of how needs are acquired and then how they will be…show more content…
Ethnocentric individuals are those that belive that their views are more superior to others; they tend to accept those that are similar to them and reject those have opposing views. Consumer ethnocentrism than refers to a citizens of a country and the feelings these citizens display towards foreign products some of the citizens might have a view that purchasing a foreign product may be considered to be immoral and unethical, (Shimp and Shama, 1987). Highly ethnocentric consumer is one that would not purchase a foreign product; a lowly ethnocentric consumer is one that has no problem with the consumption of foreign

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