The Importance Of Football Soccer

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Federacion Panameña de Futbol During a visit in 2013, the former president of The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Joseph Blatter to Panama during his speech he mentioned and I quote: “ We are doing well in this small country, but large in economic development. Among all the challenging sports practiced here, I can say that football soccer is a leader in Panama “. Added to this comment from the president of the maximum authority of football soccer in the world, one of the most popular newspaper here in Panama, La Prensa, published in 2013 an essay in the sports section titled “Tiembla el Deporte Rey”, by Harmodio Arrocha Jr, in which is interviewed the national journalist Eric Espino from RPC, a Panamanian sport channel.…show more content…
Also because some national players has made their dreams and now are spread around the world in many important teams like for example, Roberto Chen recently sold from San Francisco Football club from LPF, national soccer league of Panama to the Malaga’s squad from the LPF professional soccer league of Spain, Blas Perez in FC Dallas, United Stated, Felipe Baloy in Monarcas Morelia from Mexico and many more athletes that are making their dreams come true, so many Panamanian children are willing to also become soccer players instead of baseball players or even boxers. As a result Soccer in Panama is today’s leading sport practiced among Panamanian’s children, but this is not recent, it is something that dates back many years. Although we have had and still having many important representative athletes in other disciplines like basketball, baseball and boxing, soccer has always been one of the most relevant sports for every Panamanian. That’s why it is so important to more than know, explore this community. Even though that soccer is not that important for a country, should be explore more deeply because it can contribute to the countries development, by motivating sports and because nowadays it's getting more relevant for many Panamanians. First we will be addressing the…show more content…
First, to improve our country by promoting a soccer league that helps our athletes to show their soccer abilities and skills and to help getting soccer players to play for the national team, so they can show their talent internationally during any international tournament where the national team participates. Also as their main goal, LPF is looking forward to be one of the most important and recognized leagues in Central America, Jose Flores said. For this to happen they are working every weekends to animate and encourage the Panamanians families to take part during the LPF matches and support their team of preference, so by these the league could grow and reach what they are looking, which is the improvement of the

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