Horatian Satire In The Daily Show

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Often times, speeches or academic essays on important issues are ignored or dismissed due to “sheer monotonous language” and since most of the population does not care about the issue, even “the nation's establishment press [will tend to ignore] it” (Blumer). Satire is commonly used to draw attention to the follies and vices people do. Many of the ways that authors create popular satiric work is by establishing a target, the goal of the product, and then using satiric techniques in order to ridicule the target in a humorous way. In addition to the facts that satire has been effective in its purpose and the characteristics of it stay significantly consistent throughout time, the difference between Horatian satire and Juvenalian satire is clear…show more content…
This show is classified as Juvenalian and not Horatian because of the contemptuous and abrasive nature of the comedic skits, visible through the excessive irony and sarcasm. In each episode, Trevor Noah sets a primary target and then proceeds to mock said target in a humorous fashion.. In “December 8, 2015 - Tom Perez”, Noah’s primary target is Donald Trump and his political agenda. At the beginning of the episode, Noah mocks Trump’s statement on the shutdown of Muslim immigrants by saying that Trump wants to “ban every single person from the world’s second largest religion from entering the United States of America... even Zayn Malik!” This statement is a characteristic of distortion since Noah uses Zayn Malik’s sublimity as a hyperbole of how far Trump would go to keep Muslims out of the United States. Following the previous statement, Noah laughs and indirectly asks Trump if he “really wants to piss off” One Direction fans, and if he “wants a real insurgency on [his] hands.” Here, Trevor Noah is exaggerating the response of One Direction fanatics and diminuting the actual response of those who are against the ban of Muslim people — joking that the more realistic response is not a real insurgency. Another characteristic of satire in The Daily Show is present when Noah uses verbal sarcasm by saying that he’s “starting to get a sense that [Trump’s plan] may not be a well thought out plan” and that having a simple question at airports as the sole protection against terrorism “would [make for] the greatest airport ever.” The Daily Show in itself is a parody of news shows, and similar to many news shows, there are senior political correspondents that are responsible for covering important stories on politics and policy. The senior political correspondent, Hasan Minhaj agrees with Trump on how “Muslims should not be allowed in this country [because]

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