Evolution Of Makeup

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In today’s society, every place women look we find ourselves surrounded by advertisements or an idea of what women should imitate their looks after. The evolution of makeup through the years has played an important, yet negative role in shaping adolescents, specifically women’s, attitudes toward body image. This is because makeup encourages a false sense of beauty and unrealistic expectations. Throughout time the cosmetics industry has vastly improved. There are now thousands of different procedures so that a person can manipulate your body. There is no definite way to describe beauty because of the forever changing beauty standards in society: "the word beauty is such a controversial word," says Bethann Hardison in an interview with Alene…show more content…
The results of the vast amounts of research aids to prove that “there can be no negotiations on the fact that the cosmetic industry has the power to change women’s perceptions on beauty” says Britton in her article. These studies have also proven that many people rely so heavily on cosmetics because they see themselves as unattractive without the use of beauty enhancers. Forty-four percent of women feel unattractive without makeup according to a poll conducted by Harris poll conducted on behalf of the Renfrew Center Foundation. Some women feel as though they are obligated to wear makeup and this creates an unwanted feeling which then leads to the lack of confidence. Some women even have reported that they have different makeup routines depending on what they will be doing throughout the day. From young ages, women are taught to experiment with makeup. Makeup is widely popular among women because of how it can temporarily solve imperfections. Cosmetics have become an easy way to try to live up to society’s beauty standards because how inexpensive and quickly they can be…show more content…
With the use of photoshop on the rise, there are campaigns established to inspire women to be comfortable in their own skin. One of the most popular campaigns is hosted by Dove Beauty Care Products. “At Dove, we have a vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Our mission is to ensure the next generation grow up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping girls to raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential” says Dove writers (Dove 1). Many celebrities are working to redefine beauty standards as well. Meghan Trainor, Tasha Copley, Meaghan Kausman and many more celebrities work to inspire women. These women are known for taking a stand against unrealistic body expectations for women and are empowering women to be true to

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