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Josie Paine Professor Vega ENC1101 September 29, 2015 Beauty. This word defined in Webster’s Dictionary as exciting aesthetic pleasure or generally pleasing. Everyone on this planet has a different definition for this word and what they may think beauty really means. It can vary from scenery, to a human, to art, to an animal, to a car the list can go on and on. For me, human beauty is something that has taken me years to find the meaning of. I have spent hours and hours of soul searching what beauty really is. The answer is simple; I had all these unrealistic views of beauty in my head built by society, that I could not see the real definition of beautiful. In my humble opinion, I believe one must feel it in order to really know the true and raw meaning of this word.…show more content…
The word beauty derives from the Latin root and is influenced with many Romance Languages. In different countries the term Beautiful (adj) varied. In Ancient Egypt for example, the face and the human physic was distinguished and worshiped, as they were the first ones to invent makeup. The Egyptians very much so cared about their physical appearance. Like hair, as they used the henna dyes and also took care of their skin to make it soft with natural oils and minerals. Queen Nefertiti was the beauty icon not to mention the definition of her name meant “coming to beauty”. In ancient Greece however, there was a total opposite view of beauty. The ancient Greek connected beauty with art and the philosophical ways of beauty. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all had wonderful concepts with the term as though it is very complex. They considered beauty to be “above all

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