Goold Vs Macbeth Essay

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Macbeth written by William Shakespere, is a tragedy that has been recognized world wide as one of the best pieces of literature the world has ever seen. In todays date evolution and creativity is once greatest gift, seeing and picturing views from different angels and perspectives are the key to once growth. With todays technology we are faced with one of the biggest challenges literature and cinematic establishments has seen, thus being the controversial comparisons that come from the redevelopment of what todays society sees as story telling. One of the most recent directors to step up to the challenge of recreating Macbeth, is Rupert Goold. Although Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play set in 16th Century Scotland, Rupert Goold developed the classic story in what today resembles a Soviet- Style country, implementing modern day elements into the theme and plot. Rupert Goold's redevelopment of Macbeth contain's very similar ideologies and the general story line. The controversial literature disagreements lie in the difference in setting, and the overall atmosphere of the plot. The question then lies in, should classic pieces of literature remain un touched, or should they be brought to life in what society simply refers to as evolution?…show more content…
Implementing many changes that only seem to create a driving force of a terrifying ambience for the viewers. Thus allowing for differences from the original Macbeth to be seen. Many viewers and critics may ask themselves is this truly neceassary? Yes it may allow a modern viewer to see a different perspective of a tragic story, but to redevelop a renown plot in to a complete different era is

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