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An Introduction into your Anthropologist: Jane Goodall was born in London, England on April 3rd, 1934. Throughout her early years, Goodall had always been fascinated by animals. Jane was given a toy chimpanzee by her father when she was one year old and the toy never left Goodall’s side. Jane had always thought that animals were much more than pets and that they had their own feelings and thoughts. Jane Goodall grew up during the time of the Second World War where her father served as an engineer for the British Army; this lead the eventual divorce of Goodall’s parents. She went to go live with her mother after in London after the war and because of financial difficulties Jane was not able to attend university after she graduated high school in…show more content…
Leakey, Jane studied the life and social behaviours of chimpanzees in order to gather information that could help to understand how hominids who lived thousands of years prior survived. Jane Goodall was interested in studying primates because she felt that these creatures could give humans a much greater understanding of not only animals but people as well. Goodall contributed vastly to the thought of evolution through her work in Africa, the school of thought of evolutionism states that species have evolved over time by changing their genetic makeup and adapting to changes in their respective environments. One of the many accomplishments that Jane Goodall gave to society was that she proved chimpanzees use tools just as humans do. This shook the anthropological world because it was believed that the use of tools is what separated humans from animals. Humans were thought to be the only species to use tools because of how developed the human brain was in comparison to other mammals. The tools that the chimpanzees used were simple but incredibly effective; one tool that the animals used was a stick to prod at termite hills in an effort to get termites onto the stick and into the chimps

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