Well Supported Hypothesis

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Our textbook defines a theory as a concept that joins together well supported hypotheses and cannot be proven wrong. It is formulated after a hypothesis has gone through the scientific method numerous times and has been well supported by things such as experiments, data collected by the experiments, and other scientists coming to similar conclusions. All theories start out as an observation, or a formal way of seeing things, which leads to utilizing inductive reasoning to form a hypothesis, which is a possible explanation for the observation and can be tested. From their, an experiment is designed to test the hypothesis, more observations are made, and data is collected. After the experiment is done multiple times, and the data is collected a conclusion can be made or whether or not the hypothesis is true. Well supported hypotheses from other scientists can than be combined with your own and a scientific theory is formulated. Evolution is a theory presently, because it cannot be proven wrong. It is so widely accepted by scientists today that it is often referred to as the principle of evolution. Evolution has been studied for over 100 years, with new hypotheses, discoveries, and observations occurring daily. Many of the new well supported…show more content…
Iguana able to dive deep in salt water to eat algae and then expel the salt through their nose) , with traits to help the animals survive, and that were only found on the island. Darwin realized that the animals were able to modify their genes to best adapt to their environment, or biogeography, and thus the idea of natural selection-”survival of the fittest” was born. We all have common genes, but we all have modifications that best help us survive, and Darwin was able to theorize that we all come from a common ancestor, but through time have modified our genetic makeup to best ensure our

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