Ap Psychology Chapter 2 Summary

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- What is Evolutionary Psychology- Studies behavior, emotion and thought maximums which allow for a certain specie’s survival o Our parents, peers, surrounding environment and gender act as conditions which may affect the type of person we turn out to be - Behavior Genetics: Predicting the Differences Among Individuals - Behavior Geneticists- study variances among individuals and understand how their hereditary environment influences such. o Environment- Each non-genetic influence upon a person - Genes: Small segments of DNA that synthesizes protein, act as the codes for a person - Chromosomes- threadlike structures made of DNA molecules that contain genes- 23 genes from mother and 23 genes from father for total construction of 46 genes. - DNA –…show more content…
- Twin Studies: Relations in DNA among twins created by the same egg o Influence of nature-nurture shown by the differences in twins; all variables that may affect the results of the experiment (differences in subjects) - Nature side- o Identical Twins- Single fertilized egg separates into two, share the exact same DNA and chromosome o Fraternal Twins- two eggs originally fertilized, share similar makeup from mother, do not contain fertilized father’s DNA o Fraternal twins have 30% chance of sharing disease o Identical twins have 60% chance of sharing disease, 5.5% higher chance of getting a divorce when the other does (genetics may cause 50% of divorces?) - Nurture side- o Loehlin and Nicholas discover parents that treat Identical twins the same way shared many more psychological traits than that of Identical twins treated differently in their early lives - Separated Twins o Separated twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer share personality, intelligence, heart rate, body function and brain waves, but alter in lifestyle (brought up in differing environmental settings) o Similarities in taste and personality, separated fraternal twins show nowhere near as much similarities to that of identical twins

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