Nature Vs Nurture Research Paper

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The debate on nature and nurture both include outstanding points on how each relates to the development of an individual. Nature is the genetic makeup of one individual and nurture is the way that the individual was raised or brought up. The debate on nature and nurture includes philosophers such as Descartes and Plato suggesting that certain traits are inborn, or that they occur naturally without environmental influence. Advocates believe that characteristics and behaviors are the result of evolution. John Locke believed that the mind begins as a blank slate and has to build its way up through knowledge. Nurture is what contributes to who I am and what my behavior is due to how my parents raised me. Nature and nurture is seen through different perspectives. Nature is seen through genetics and the role that DNA portrays on the body. The statistics show that 45 to 50 percent of individuals believe nature is the reason why individuals have the personality they have.…show more content…
My parents are the reason for who I am. The way my parents raised me has an influence on how I view myself, others, and my future. I believe nurture plays the role for who I am because it is always said that parents need to ‘nurture’ their children for them to become successful in life and carry out good actions. The increasing 38 percent of people to believe that individuals are gay or lesbian because of how they are raised is where I belong. I am part of the LGBT community and I, myself believe that I am attracted to who I am attracted to because of how I was raised. Many others along with me believe that growing up and spending the majority of ones time with the same sex will result a change in sexual orientation. I find this true due to the fact that I grew up spending most of my time around girls and never any of my time being around guys. My development as a human being is due to nurture and the way I have been taught for multiple

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