Potato Juice Case Study

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Potato Juice Excellent Tonic: Skin Disorder: Angular cheilitis – One of the most important purposes of potato juice is for treating angular cheilitis, a common skin disorder characterized by redness and swelling of the mouth corners. Potato juice is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory so applying this on the corners of your mouth can tone down the lesions in no time. If you make it a habit to drink potato juice every day, you’ll get enough vitamin B complex, which you need to fight angular cheilitis. Experts say that vitamin B deficiency is a leading cause of this skin problem. Blemishes – To treat blemishes, apply a generous amount of cold potato juice on the affected skin once a day. Sunburn – Apply cold potato juice on sun burnt skin. This gives a cooling sensation that alleviates…show more content…
This also gives your skin a youthful glow. Dark circles under the eyes – Dip cotton balls on potato juice. Put them under your eyes every night before going to sleep. In a week, you can say goodbye to those unsightly dark circles. Puffy eyes and tired skin – Soak a cotton ball on potato juice and rub gently on tired eyes and skin. Skin lightening – Potato juice is a natural skin lightener. Mix it with lemon juice and apply on the dark areas of your skin. An alternative is mixing potato juice with cucumber. Anti-aging – For an anti-aging regimen, you can use a face mask made with potato juice and curd. This is a great way to hydrate the skin and reduce signs of aging like fine lines. Mixing potato juice with olive oil can help get rid of crow’s feet and dark circles under the eyes? Dry skin – Apart from applying potato juice on your skin, it also helps to drink one glass of it every day. This is good for dry skin and skin protection against toxins. Eczema – Apart from angular cheilitis, drinking potato juice can also treat eczema, another common skin problem. BENEFITS FOR THE

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