Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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While each patient is unique, receiving healthcare often proves to be both physically and emotionally challenging for many depending on the circumstances. Although feeling dependent on healthcare professionals like nurses is not always easy, the public can find comfort in knowing that a majority of the care they receive is backed by reliable research. By practicing only skills that have evidence to support their safety and effectiveness, patient outcomes improve, and evidence-based practice (EBP) is achieved. With the crucial role that nurses play in helping others regain their health, the way they provide care cannot be based on personal judgment alone. That being said, healthcare systems look to research findings from experimental studies…show more content…
For policies to be unanimously approved by those running healthcare facilities, there must be legitimate evidence to back them up. One policy that has increasingly been adopted is the use of bedside handoff reports. When nurses give report at the bedside, it has been found that many patients feel a greater sense of involvement, understanding, and satisfaction with the care they receive (Kearns, 2015). This policy is just one of many that have been founded on evidence and have changed the way nurses provide care. As facility policies continue to evolve based on the best available evidence, care becomes increasingly patient-centered. Lastly, healthcare professionals that utilize published research also have the potential to influence and revise policies on their…show more content…
Not just anyone can publish a study or conduct an experiment and be considered reliable. Multiple organizations deliberate on things like the educational and clinical background of the researchers, variables of the study, and possible biases or error before the findings are implemented at facilities. Therefore, validity is not a result of one's individual interpretation or preferences. Brower and Nemec suggest that systematic reviews and trials be trusted much more than simply observing the opinions of those a nurse may perceive as an expert (2017). Evidence that successfully makes it through this focused review can be trusted to hold patient safety in high regard. EBP also reduces the need for trial and error problem solving, which can be extremely harmful to patients. With studies stating errors that have already been made, nurses are educated on what they need to avoid before mistakes repeat themselves. Ultimately, the opportunity to learn from history and avoid repeating errors through EBP keeps patients out of harm's

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