Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change Essay

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Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change? Abby Kobeissi In just 120 years, the Earth’s climate has faced some of the most destructive changes ever recorded. Humans are unbeknowingly changing the climate as they go about their daily lives, all in the forms of driving their cars, experiencing population increase, and clearing forest areas for land and wood usage. These three examples are currently taking place, and as they continue to do so, the Earth’s climate continues to suffer. Humans are responsible for much of the changes seen in many climates worldwide due to their industrial practices. Driving a car is a normal, everyday task that is performed by millions worldwide. People mainly use their cars to transport them to other locations, let it be work, the store, etc. However, many go about driving without realizing the damage they are doing to the atmosphere. For every gallon of gas used, cars release around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If put into perspective, there are around 255.8 million…show more content…
Not only are forests home to millions of different species, but they also help in regulating the amount of CO2 that’s present in the atmosphere. They regulate it by absorbing the CO2 and producing oxygen instead, which is part of the process of photosynthesis. Over 1.5 billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere annually due to deforestation. In addition, the largest reasons that the clearing of forests occur is because of wood and timber usage, space for farmland, paper-based products, etc. The reasons listed are all items that satisfy needs for humans worldwide. As the rising human population demands for more housing and food, more forests are cleared annually, leading to the deduction that human essentials directly lead to further damaging of the climate and the

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