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The protagonist or main characters in the story Every Last Promise are Kayla and Noah. Therefore leading to antagonist characters. The antagonist characters are Jen, Kayla and Bean. Hence, from time to time Bean is neutral. They are Kayla’s ex-best friends. However there are other characters in the story. Other characters are Caleb, Jay and Steven. Caleb and Kayla are related, they are brother and sister. Jay and Steven were the 2 boys Kayla got into a car accident with who did something to her. This story’s setting is in Missouri and Kansas. The problem that occurs in the book is Kayla got behind the wheel the night of one of her best friends party(Jen) in Missouri. The people who were in the car were Steven, Jay and Kayla. Kayla is…show more content…
Leaving one person dead, that person being Steven. This resulted into her town calling her the name “killer Kayla.” Kayla could not take the anxiety. For this reason she and her family decided it would be best for her to move from Missouri to Kansas. Kayla moved to live with her aunt for a while. This was just temporary. Kayla and her family were just waiting until people calmed down and forgot about the car accident. Turns out people still felt the same rage as they did a year ago. She moved back to Missouri and people still called her names and tortured her about how she was a murderer. She was not a murder in a matter of fact, a murder is someone who kills with purpose. She did not kill Steven on purpose. There is much more to what happened that night that only she will ever know. Steven and Jay attempted to do something to Kayla. That I cannot mention to you, if I were to tell you I would spoil the story for…show more content…
She felt the need to graduate there. There was also a boy named Noah, who was the sweetest to her, he was the only one who stood up for her and talked to her when she moved back. No matter how much people disliked her in Missouri, she was not going to leave anymore. She was tired of having to run away from her problems. She was done, it was time to accept that even if no one liked her she was going to show them she did not care towards their opinion nor stares. One of her old friends Bean, who started talking to her when she got back to her hometown told her she should tell the police what really happened that night. Kayla lost her memory the night of the car crash and the police tried to interview her in the hospital but she just did not remember a thing. Kayla also had Stevens phone which had a video of what he did to her. This meaning Kayla never really had the chance to clear her name since she did not go to the authorities when she remembered. The case was so easily dropped since there was not a sufficient amount of evidence to keep the case open. She is debating on whether or not she should show the authorities the one bit of evidence she has left. Kayla had a very tough decision to make and she needed to make it

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