Gospel According To Mark

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What do you do when congenial but inerudite human beings are given a sturdy objective and a minimum of reassurance? “The Gospel According to Mark,” the short story written by Jorge Borges, the main character Baltasar Espinosa explores these issues as an unobtrusive man, while he is visiting his cousin, who leaves right away. During the short story, Baltasar develops a relationship with the servants of his relatives, the Gutre family at their ranch. The family being much disoriented, they decide that Baltasar is much more important than what he is, something similar to Jesus Christ, which Borges sets as the main character as, in a way of Christ like figure. Borges puts though the humanity of Christ and the actions of human nature, questioning the accounts through the main character. Duration of the short story, the author concludes many associations between the main character and Christ’s disposition. Baltasar Espinosa, main character, is entered into the story as a skilled speaker, did not like to argue, and does not have a degree because like his father he is a free thinker. He loved to speak publicly, just like Jesus with his powerful sermons, peaceful state of mind, and the age of the two being in their thirties. We ask ourselves how the two can be very similar but…show more content…
Thinking that they are sane and thinking they have to do something of this nature just to save their souls but the feeling of horror, the Gutres wanted to crucify Espinosa. That gives us a great example of human misjudgment of human nature because of what the Gutres wanted to do to Balatasar and what the Jewish people did to Jesus. Human nature sometimes, we do not think as human but we act amongst things and often regret what we do. Religious or not, our faith can lead us somewhere in which we know what we think is right, but in actuality it’s

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