A Midsummer Night's Dream Research Paper

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In A Midsummer Night’s Dream the scenery is marked by a wood which is situated in the vicinity of Athens. Fairyland is the mysterious forest – the realm where Oberon and Titania rule their fairy kingdom. This place seems to be shadowy and enigmatic like it exists out of time and out of space. It seems to be far away from the human world but the real distance between those two worlds is insignificant – fairies inhabit a wood near human city. The scenery seems to be extremely romantic and rural, such as the picturesque spot being the place of Titania's sleep. The fairyland inseparably connected with flora and fauna – flowers, leaves, and butterflies among them makes the environment look romantic. FAIRY CHARACTERS MONARCHS…show more content…
Titania, just like Oberon, steps out of a folk tradition of fairy evil, she does not show any demonic characteristics or even infernal connections. The queen of fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream seems to be very subtle and delicate. Her intentions seem to be pure and her kindness is visible in the foreground. She is represented as a harmless fairy queen, who does no wrong - what is highlighted. Oberon, as well as his queen, remains friendly to mortals, and feels great compassion for their struggle. The fairy monarch surprisingly shows a sensible side in putting right what have gone wrong. It does not change the fact that he is a main cause of the wrongness. The queen of fairyland is in the habit of having all her attendants at her disposal. Titania is always surrounded by many fairies beckoning to her calls – her fairy court. She gives orders to her fairies, while Oberon addresses his commands mostly to the Puck. The fairy king has a goblin-like attendant who, unlike attendants of Titania occupied mainly with their servitude to their graceful queen, strongly influences the events. They lead their attendants separate ways: “from one side, Oberon, with his train; from the other, Titania, with hers” (Act I, scene II). The fairy queen was walking with some of her maids of honour, so was the king, who attended by his own train of fairy
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