Ethical Principles In The Workplace

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All workers including the managers and the employees of the business need to use ethics and principles in the workplace. It is essential for managers to realize how to distinguish between different situations to make the right ethical decisions for all. They must work with people from a different environment who believe in different principles and opinions. This way will help the manager to manage many problems in different views and perspectives. Also, most managers think in some quotes or phrases in their lives, and they always use it even at work when it comes making the right choices even if its hard for them. One of those phrases could be to treat people as you want to be treated and always wear the customer's hat to know how they feel…show more content…
I think that happens because we spend so much time working during the work days and this leaves us getting used to doing different chores that are not for work at all. Some of the personal business may include using the internet to do shopping or go out with team members for a launch time during the working hours. Another thing that came to my mind is taking credit for others work and ideas. That's, why it is necessary to have a team or group meetings to come up with different ideas and discuss them to come up with one result, and each will know what to work on without causing any problems. This method can also be beneficial for both managers and employees to know one another and to have a clear image of how others think or work. Another moral dilemma would be when can we find ourselves getting involved in contrary ethical workplace practice, and that happens we notice misleading or unfair behaviors in the workplace. Most employees usually don’t know how to act when they see coworkers bothering different employee. Other employees will start worrying about their jobs too. And they might even get afraid if they will get into problems because of how other coworkers…show more content…
an ethical example would be from my working experience, I used to work in two different positions, one was as an administrative assistant, and the other was a customer care representative for the same company. I had a team leader who used to write each working hours, the morning shifts, and the night shifts for all of the receptionist as well. So she used to come to me to do that job for her. And this was not my work to do so. She used to tell me to choose the shift that I like to work during that specific month and then she used to determine the working hours for other employees according to what her friends at work wanted to choose first. So, I knew this was an unethical task, and it was not fair for others because each person had their responsibilities, priorities, and she wasn’t treating them equally. Hence, I started to choose my working hours after I discussed it with my coworker who worked with me first and then I used to pick my hours according to that without my team leader

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