Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day Of Wrestling

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It all began when I went to P.E class . For quiet some time I have been working out and dieting to get a better image of myself as I was changing I turned to question Johnny about yesterday's test. When suddenly Mr.Morgan taps my shoulder with a mission to be given. As a man who's eager to try anything new I accepted without knowing what lays ahead. The next day after school was going to be my first day of wrestling practice and unfortunately i decided to start my first day late do half the team was already wrestling and the room already started to smell like the stench of the morning breathe with combination of boiling hot air all in a small compressed room with the hot air on high part of me scream get out get…show more content…
having my deltoid sprained I honestly did not feel like pushing my self pass it's limits I was already making it to state the only thing I look forward to was wrestling delroy he had a way of wrestling that no mattar how hard he wrestle you don't feel pain you just struggle to keep your back off the floor .I lost and went home proud and looked forward to

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