Dental Implant Questionnaire Essay

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A questionnaire study on the impression techniques used for implant dentistry by different practitioners Introduction A dental implant placement is a surgical procedure in which the implant interfaces with the bone to support a dental prosthesis like a crown or a bridge.[1] It has been reported that dental implants have a high survival rate.[2-6]. Implant has now become a major part of general dental practice, however it requires a team of expertise who would help to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and a biocompatible restoration.[7] Prosthodontic planning is an essential part to arrive at a good prognosis for the dental implant. The main goal of an implant impression is to accurately relate an implant or the abutment of the implant to other structures in the dental arch.[8] Replicating the oral cavity and…show more content…
“Do you think splinting of impression components is necessary for multiple implant scenario?” was the next question. Majority of the surveyed Dentists, 80.93% replied in the affirmative, 11.48% said no and the rest 8.30% were unsure. 7. “What materials do you think is not acceptable for splinting? a) Pattern resin b) self-cure acrylic resin c) light activated composite resin d) Pattern resin with floss or steel wires” was the next poser. 14.52% favoured A and D, 40.32% favoured B and C, 45.16% favoured B only. 8. ” In case verification jig is not passive, what should you do? Was the next query. 72.13% responded by saying “Make a new pick u pick impression after sectioning and re-joining the jig”, 19.67% responded by saying “Make another non splinted impression” and 8.20% responded by saying “Move on to proceed with fabrication of prosthesis” 9. Which of the following impression material is not acceptable for implant impressions? To this question, the respondents had the following reply. 11.29% opted for additional silicone, 50% responded by condensation silicone and the rest 38.71% opted for

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