Essay On Work Life Balance

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In a survey done recently, over 80% of young professionals say that they are unhappy with their quality of life. They make great money and they have great families but they are not able to stabilize the financial, emotional and social see-saw that is modern life. Work- life balance is something that definitely comes under the easy to preach but hard to practice segment. A simple illustration is India’s GDP has been growing at 5-7% annually while our population grows at 1.2% which means that our per capita output is increasing. This comes at a pressure of increasing targets and work hours. Of course it may not be as simple as that, we should consider the shifting age curve, efficiency and role of technology etc, but what is true is that today’s…show more content…
It can as simple wanting to have a leisurely cup of tea with your family everyday or wanting to say good night to your children just before they sleep or as complex as wanting to run a marathon in 6 months. The simple wishes take 3-10 minutes of your day yet most people fail to find that balance. Design – Design your life to ensure that you can realise your dream. Set goals for the hour/day/week/month and year and design your life to ensure that you have a fair chance in realising your goals Delegate- You don’t need carry all the burdens by yourself. Prioritize what is important for you delegate the rest. Delegation is not just for your responsibilities, by delegation we mean – delegate your health needs to the right partner; delegate your children’s education between yourself and your spouse. Ensure that there is a backup plan or a fall back option so that the pressures being the only responsible person do not consume you. Do- Once you have a plan, execute it. Excuse seeking becomes easy. Find an excuse to support your personal goals for a change. Get your thrills from being able to complete the goals you set for yourself. Fine tune the processes until you feel really satisfied and remember that there no direct elevator to attain the balance you seek, but rather it is a flight of stairs that has to navigated
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