High Noon Short Story

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All stories have features that make them unique in their own way. However, a lot of them have similarities and differences. The stories “The Most Dangerous Game” and High Noon both have an interesting antagonist, a setting that is important to the story, and the theme of isolation. Both stories depict what the protagonist does when they are alone and faced with a life threatening situation. The antagonist in both stories are “hunting” the protagonist in some way. Frank Mitchell yelled, “All right, Kane, come on out! Come out—or your friend here’ll get it the way Pierce did” (Foreman 331). In High Noon, Frank Mitchell is the main antagonist. He leads a group of partners to track down and get revenge on Will Kane, the protagonist of High Noon, for putting him in jail. However, Will Kane ends up killing Frank Mitchell before Frank could harm Amy or Kane. On the other hand, General Zaroff, the antagonist of “The Most Dangerous Game”, is someone who kills…show more content…
“[Ext. Street— From Kane’s point of view. It is completely deserted. Camera pans to other extreme of the street. It, too, is empty]” (Foreman 326). Camera angles in High Noon are essential to the story telling. Camera angles make us feel a certain way based on where the camera is and where the subject is. In this specific scene, it shows that Kane is by himself. Rainsford said, “I have played the fox, now I must play the cat of the fable.” (Connell 227) In “The Most Dangerous Game”, isolation is mainly shown by the island. However, in the quote, Rainsford stated that he had played the fox and now he must play cat in the fable. The fable he is referring to is “The Fox and the Cat” by Aesop. Rainsford is saying that he was once a hunter but now he is being hunted by General Zaroff. There is no one helping Rainsford. He is, by himself, hiding from General Zaroff. Being alone is scary, but the protagonist in both stories kept their cool and overcame their
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