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The Diary of Anne Frank is a very popular book today and has become the most influential literary works in history. The Diary of Anne Frank was written by a German Jewish teenage girl named Anne during the Holocaust. Anne wrote in her diary daily while she was in hiding. She rewrote almost the whole entire book until she and her family were arrested. After the war, it was published and became very famous over the years. The Diary of Anne Frank was published by her father and was very important to Anne, herself. Anne was very close to finishing her diary but eventually, her father published it. “After Anne heard that the Minister Bolkestein made a request for people to keep their diaries, she didn’t hesitate and began rewriting her diary right away.”( Anne rewrote her diary because she hoped that she would become a famous writer one day. “Before she finished, she and her family in hiding were arrested.”( On August 4, 1944 Anne and the others in the secret annex were arrested. “Otto Frank received Anne’s diary from Miep Gies and began typing it in German. After it was published,…show more content…
“The first thing she wrote in her diary was: “I hope I will be able to confide in you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.”( During her struggles in the secret annex, Anne wrote in her diary for comfort. “She wrote “Tales” in her diary, which were short stories that she had created.”( Anne created short stories in her diary and sometimes read them aloud to the people with her in hiding. “She had no truly close friends, so she writes detailed letters to an imaginary girlfriend named Kitty.”( Anne thought of her diary as a close friend, whom she called Kitty. Anne’s diary was her support during the horrors of the war and kept her

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