Heidi Durrow's The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

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Often times, people are afraid to give their future a chance because of what they have done in the past. They fear that the past will catch up to them and will ultimately destroy them. Yet, not even for a second do they think about the possibility that life can be different if they leave the past behind. In Heidi Durrow’s novel, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, Rachel, a young girl who is afraid of what her future will be like because of her past. But while she fears that her past will hinder her future, she realizes that she can start anew, because not even the past is permanent. Rachel, acting as “new girl” is seen as a pariah, who feels out of place. With nowhere to go and no one to look to, she turns to her imaginary blue bottle where she keeps her feelings. Rachel, hating being the “new girl”, wants to be like the other kids in her class. She yearns to feel the acceptance of her peers. Because of who she is and what her past holds, she believes that she is destined to be the “new girl” forever.…show more content…
Living a life that was meant to have end, gives her no purpose for the future: "I wasn't supposed to have a future" (Durrow, 238). Rachel, an honor student, lives a loose life because to her, there is no such thing as a pleasant tomorrow. Why is it necessary to live a life following rules when the future does not seem bright? But the bigger question Rachel should ask herself is, "Should I give up on my life and live as if I am dead, or should I find the beauty in life and proof myself wrong for the

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