Essay On Why Are Women Equal To Men

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The Declaration of Independence written in 1776 states “all men are created equal” but never does it state women’s rights and equality. That beg the question “are women equal to men?” In various places across America, one can see the discrimination women face in comparison to men. They experience discrimination in the workplace, in public and in countless other forms. Women get paid less when working the same job as a man and are less likely to receive a high position in the place of employment. Also, many women fall victim to double standards on a daily basis. Society ignores wage gap, lack of higher job positions females hold and double standards showing gender inequality in America. There are various ways women are made to be unequal to men shown through the distribution…show more content…
This is not a recent issue that just appeared in American society but instead, one that has lasted for years and even dates back to before 1963. This shows the severity of the issue and the length of time women have not been paid the same. The Equal Pay Act was created to stop this form of inequality and even that could not resolve the problem. This portrays the lack of awareness and enforcement of the Equal Pay Act and the small effect it had on assisting the end to Americans wage gap between women and men. Companies victimize women through the percentage of money women don’t earn in comparison to men. The American Association of University Women asserts "According to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median earnings for U.S. women working full time, year-round were just 77 percent of U.S. men’s median earnings—a gap of 23 percent. While the gap has narrowed somewhat since the 1970s, progress has stalled during the last decade"("The Gender Pay Gap: Indiana," 2013). This evidence exploits the records of how much more men make. Women make 23% less than men, now let's break that
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