Good Manners In Society

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“Doyin”, hurry up and bring the tray of snacks, juice, and water for our guests. With that in mind I knew that I had to hurry up. Walking with my hands full, I carefully placed the tray on the table, and then greeted our visitors once more before exiting the living room, to get more goodies prepared by my mom and I. as long as I can remember, our guests were always welcome with open arms, and there was always Refreshments or food, depending on the time of visit. I think that, behavior and manners are important. Certain traits we portray, show who we really are and it seems that more people are forgetting that nowadays. Southern Charm and hospitality trait, could be found in different region, states and culture. As Society progresses,…show more content…
There is nothing wrong with having proper manners, and being a lady or a Gentleman and also, there is nothing wrong with showing kindness to one another. As the world and this generation Progresses, there seems to be less use of good manners or anything related to that. Technology that is supposed to connect us, is actually disconnecting us. I think it was much easier for southerners and people back then to show hospitality and to respect each other. Because almost everyone in the neighborhood knew each other. Nowadays, because of Technology, house Arrangements, and busy schedules, some people have no idea who their neighbors are. In previous years, being a lady and gentleman was widely praised. But now, there are quite a number of people who think and say that the behavior is restricting. Almost everything ties to Freedom nowadays. I have observed instances where a girl was asked to sit properly and she reacted by saying no and also said, I am comfortable just the way I am, I am free to sit as I please. There is nothing wrong with comfort, but then it seems people are also forgetting about modesty. Gentlemanly manners nowadays, seem to cause a feeling of annoyance among some women, because they see it as a sign that a man is looking down on them or consider them weak. There’s nothing wrong with progress but then leaving core values behind, will result in great

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