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Urbanization offers an incredible opportunity to be capable to sustenance a growing global population. Developing countries are alone expected to shape more new city area during the two decades reaching up to 2030 than all of the humankind has built through in history (World Bank). China and India alone are predicted to increase at least 600 million new urban residents by 2030.For the same reason, various urban projects have begun to take shape in India. Especially the riverfronts and metro development projects. But as every coin has two sides, this too is more complex than said. Riverfront Development, of course, adds beauty and defines a place but the land markets and the sudden change in land use for the place, from residential (many a time- slums) changes to potential real estate factor encouraging commercial and costly land usages in the encroached river bed. Similarly, the Metro projects definitely improve mobility and travel comfort but the drastic changes along the corridor in terms of land character is a major subject in itself. 1.1 Rationale The major problem arises when a city takes up many auspicious urban development projects at a same point of time and undergoes a drastic transition. There are conflicts in land use and land prices, a…show more content…
Urbanization, urban growth, and its means to achieve its ultimate goals have led to disparity and exclusion in various realms of life. Looking at the system and its way of executing and manipulating things brings up key concerns on the quality of life, affordability, human-nature connections, utilization of resources and lifestyle transformations. Thus, there is a need to study these impacts, conflicts as well as the benefits and address them

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