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As a middle child, I experience being neglected by my parents’. As a girl who has a brother, I encounter the different treatment of parents towards their children. As both a middle child and a girl with a brother, I can admit that I was born in the worst placement. The middle child, or in other words the “unfavored child”, suffers from the so-called Middle Child Syndrome. The Middle Child Syndrome as the Urban Dictionary describes it, is “when a middle child ... feels left out or neglected [because] the older child gets all the awards, the younger gets all the love, and the middle gets nothing”. Some of the most common characteristics of the Middle Child Syndrome include low self-esteem, jealousy, feelings of emptiness, unfriendliness and a tendency to be introverted. Middle children also often misbehave in order to get their parents’ attention. Parents tend to have…show more content…
The Middle Child Syndrome is caused by the feeling of being neglected by parents, which love their first born the most, baby the youngest and ignore the middle one (Smith). The first time I heard that I was going to have a younger sister, I was extremely happy, however the closer it was to her birth the more I felt alone. When my sister was born, I felt like my parents completely overlooked my existence. They started to care only about my sister who was just born and about my brother who was just beginning high school. I remember the feeling of emptiness that I had whenever I tried to make my parents proud. After my sister's birth my ‘rebellious teen phase’ started. I started to misbehave at home and rebel against my parents in order to get their attention. The lack of attention from my parents made me drift away from them and get closer with my friends than with my parents, which made me trust my friends more than I trust my own family. I also felt closer with my friends than my family, which started to cause arguments in the

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