Youth Migration

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Patrick Carr and Maria Kefales, are the authors of the chapter “Heartland and the Rural Youth Exodus”. The chapter is from the book, “Hollowing out the Middle: The Rural brain drain and what it means for America”. Migration of young people to the urban centers is a major concern that has attracted debate among various stakeholders. Better living standards and search for good jobs are some of the reasons for such migration. The development of small towns is stagnating resulting into untapped resources of the young people. My audience comprises mostly of the local leadership. The audience is suitable for this analysis, because they have a great influence on the general public. Moreover, the audience is likely to implement the recommendations…show more content…
They have used emotional appeal and structured their argument in a chronological manner. Additionally, in providing substantial evidence to support the claim, Carr and Kefales have quoted The New York Times and Los Angeles times. Information provided is therefore, credible and authentic. They have also managed to present a clear state of events that are likely to occur as a result of youth migration. It worked because the audiences were able to relate to the situation; they were able to understand the practicality of the situation that would arise due to youth migration. The audience will also realize that with the increased rate of migration, the population that is left behind might not be able to react to the available resources. The development rate may decline due to insufficient labor force and a vital component that determine community…show more content…
The influx of youths in urban centers may result in increased population growth while in the rural areas; it may result in reduced population. Consequently, this may result in economic imbalance as a result of high growth rate in some areas, characterized by high rate of employment. Other regions may remain underdeveloped due to reduced population that is capable of supporting the economy of the particular regions. Carr and Kefales (21) argue that no one would deny that finding work in today’s countryside means facing a triple threat: a failing farm and factory based economy, rising unemployment and shrinking wages and benefits. This quote possibly means that, with the movement of the young people from the rural areas, the economic development of such places stagnate resulting into high level of unemployment and poor factory performance. The local leadership would possibly want to revive and take action on these

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