Causes Of Apartheid In South Africa

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Apartheid is a discrimination system against other people. It is a system, which oppresses and lifts up one group higher than others. People who are discriminated against are groups. These groups are very different to the group that discriminates. The difference shows in the skin colour, in the religion, in the income and thus the status in the population. The people who are suppressed have less freedom. 2. Apartheid in South Africa In South Africa the apartheid shows in racial segragation. The difference between the people is the skin colour. Some people are white, some black and some of them are mixed race. Early in the twentieth century white people from Europe came to live in South Africa. They thought they were better and friendlier…show more content…
Causes It is important to understand how apartheid in South Africa was. This is because the supression of the blacks made they wanted to fight back. The end of apartheid came because of the hard supression. The following points show the system of apartheid and therefore show why the blacks were against it. The roots of apartheid began when white people from Europe moved to South Africa. From the beginning they thought they were better than the blacks. This thinking lived in the heart of many white people. In 1913 the government of South Africa made a new law, the Land Act. This meant that black people couldn‘t live with white people. They had to live in reserves and they couldn’t work on their own land. The money from the land went to the white people. In 1948 the National Party came to power. In the government their were only white people. They made the laws stronger and non whites must live seperate. The Land Act took 80% of the land for the whites. This apartheid stayed in South Africa for over 50…show more content…
Successes It is important to understand the role of Nelson Mandela in prison and out of prison to see the successes of the end of apartheid. We need the history of the end of apartheid and the main people to highlight the successes. 4.1. Nelson Mandela Every country has a person who represent it. In South Africa, it was Nelson Mandela. He lives his life for the rights of the black people and the freedom. In the year 1990 he was released from prison. He was a free man. Nelson Mandela was 27 years in prison and was the most famous prisoner there. The president of South Africa, Frederic Willem de Klerk, made the judgement for Nelson Mandelas freedom. President de klerk would save the economic power of the white people in a negotiation process. This was in the year 1990. Nelson Mandela started to fight for freedom when he was 20 years old. He became a member of the ANC and made a fight for the black people for over twenty years without violence. This is the reason he was in prison. He was dangerous for apartheid. In 1970 the majority of the population opted for peacful compromises. Violence wasn’t a wish. 4.2. President

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