Essay On The Impact Of Technology On World War 1

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The most important impact of technology during World War I was that it made it a lot more difficult for infantry soldiers who did almost all of the fighting. The new technologies led to lots of trench fighting and the lack of new tactics and ideas led to a great deal of deaths at the hands of the brand new technology. New technology in the form of machine guns and rapid-fire artillery gave a huge advantage to any army fighting on the defensive in this war. When the war calmed down into stalemate on the Western Front, each side had really good defensive positions with their machine guns and their artillery. Even so, both sides felt the need to go offensive at times. This meant that they were going to start charging infantrymen at the entrenched enemy with their technological advantages. This led to a lot of deaths. With the war bogged down, another brand new technology made war even more upsetting. This was poison gas. Both sides felt that the use of poison gas would allow them to break through the enemy defenses, this was used with devastating results. This gas was first developed by Germans and first used it on the Russians on January 31, 1915; Due to the cold temperatures. The poison gas froze inside the shells. After a while; the allies were using this gas as well and slowly they started to progress them…show more content…
They then added all different types of guns and wheels with heavily armored tread to withstand rough terrain. This was when the tank came alive. The first tank was named the British Mark I and was designed in 1915 and first saw battle at the Somme in September 1916. The french then built the Renault FT which established the ‘Tank look’ we think of today with the turret on the top. Despite their later success with tanks in WWII; The germans never got round to mass producing tanks during WWI however they did produce 21 A7V model

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