Project Paperclip's Contribution To The Escalation Of The Space Race

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Project Paperclip was a program authorized by the United States Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) and was made to absorb and exploit the knowledge of Nazi scientists and other top Nazi professionals and to prevent the Soviet Union from obtaining these priceless resources. It was known as Project Paperclip because scientific recruits’ papers were paperclipped with regular immigration forms. This investigation assesses the extent to which Project Paperclip led to the escalation of the space race. This investigation will evaluate Project Paperclip, as well as its Soviet counterpart. For my investigation I used both primary and secondary sources. Furthermore, I have used a variety of websites as well as two books, “Secret Agenda” by Linda Hunt, and “A Political History of the Space Race” by Walter McDougall, for my analysis. In the end, I will determine to what extent Project Paperclip contributed to the escalation of the Space Race. Word Count:149 B. Summary of Evidence Project Paperclip ◦Project Paperclip began as Operation Overcast, an American project authorized by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (Walker 1) ◦Project Paperclip was one of many post-war programs that was used to exploit German scientific and technological advances (Gimbel 1) ◦Competition for World War II’s most sought after…show more content…
Dahm became the Chief of the Aerophysics Division at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center before becoming Chief Aerodynamicist at the NASA Center. Kurzweg became a director in the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in Maryland where he continued his aerodynamics and aeroballistics research. Afterwards, he became the chief researcher at NASA. German scientists earned high ranks and positions in NASA, allowing them to control and influence the United States space

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