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Capitalism has often been hailed as the political system that saved the world from the oppressive shackles of communism and its dysfunctional societies during the cold war. However, with the cold war thawed and communism almost entirely reduced to an idea, capitalism and the free-market economy’s flaws are becoming more apparent to the public. M.T Anderson’s Feed is a prophetic novel that exposes the grim realities of the contemporary US society. Anderson conveys his political opinions about a contorted United States to his readers by exaggeration. Being set in the future, Feed expresses themes relevant to the present by completely blowing them out of proportion in the hope to make them painfully obvious to his audience. The advancement in…show more content…
The creation of complex ideas relies on the transfer of the cognitive load, in the working memory, to the long-term memory. The cognitive load, however, can only hold small amounts of information that can easily be forgotten with the introduction of another idea. From this empirical knowledge, Carr states that the internet, plastered with advertisements, provides large amounts of different information that are distracting and overwhelming to the cognitive load whereas books provide only once source of information that is easily controllable. Therefore, unlike book users, internet users have difficulty transferring the information from their cognitive load to their long-term memory. This causes a loss of focus and makes it impossible to reach deep levels of though achievable through a book (Carr). Researchers at Stanford also came to the conclusion that heavy media multitaskers are unable to focus on a task and are distracted by everything (Carr). In Feed, Titus and his friends are clueless teenagers who are continuously following the fast-paced virtual world never slowing down once to focus and contemplate or reflect on anything. Even with his girlfriend dying, Titus is unable to gather enough focus to listen to her messages and instead deletes them (Anderson 254). When Violet sent him her list of things she wanted to do before she died, Titus “skimmed it, fast-forwarded it,” and would go “back and listen to one part of it each hour or so” proving his inability to concentrate and absorb information (Anderson 234). His lack of focus can be traced to his lifestyle with the feed. Advertisements bombard his mind all the time impeding any deep thought and destroying any concentration. Similarly, though not as extreme, our society is starting to experience the impact of technology. A 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation survey reported

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