Essay On Cyberbullying

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The New Abuse of the Modern World Cyberbullying is negative media that affects students from preteens into early adulthood. As modern day technology advances, cyberbullying, which is bullying through media, has increased. This is unfortunate because technology should be used as a tool to help people communicate and educate themselves daily. While technology and social media can have positive results, the effect depends on how the tools are used. Cyberbullying is a very serious problem in society that needs to be addressed because technology is an essential part of daily part, the intensity of cyber bullying is increasing, and victims cannot escape cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is something people cannot avoid. Unfortunately cyberbullying…show more content…
Back in the old days a child getting bullied at school could go home and escape the problem. Unfortunately, with a world so advanced with the new technology “Online communications can be extremely vicious and ongoing, 24/7” ("Cyberbullying"). Nowadays people are using technology to do all kind of thing like for example catfishing, people posing as something their not to lure others. The people who experience the most cyberbullying are aged 12-24 because “young people are avid users of technology” (“Cyber Bullying”). It’s very rare for older adults to experience an episode of cyberbullying or catfishing because most of them were not as exposed to technology at such a young age as those born after 1990. About a decade ago, most children didn't have cellphones or any electronic devices. But over the years “ The age issue is a moving target” as well as cyber bullying; because the new technology is one of the main reasons why bullying follows kid(s) home("Cyberbullying."). Age limits came into play because of how many kids having cell phones or a device where they could access the web. The use of the people using cell phones and devices with internet have gotten younger and younger over the years. The web is such an easy access anyone can use
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