Big Brother Vs. I. V. 1984

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Big Brother vs. V.I.K.I ISU Essay In the past 50 years, technology has advanced by almost 90% (A World of Change). 90 out of 100 people have cell phones and 40% of the world uses the Internet on a daily basis (A World of Change). Compare this to 1965, when no one had cellphones and no one used the Internet. Technology is quickly advancing and people are starting to recognize how this will soon impact their daily lives. In George Orwell’s 1984 and Alex Proyas’ I, Robot, they depict a world where technology has taken over and free thought is unheard of. Big Brother from 1984 and V.I.K.I (Virtual Interactive Kinesthetic Interface) from I, Robot are both antagonists trying to commit mass manipulation through the use of violence, advanced technology and indoctrination. Big Brother and V.I.K.I try to commit mass manipulation through the use of violence. “How many…show more content…
One of which is “a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”, the other two laws both agree with the first law. However, in this scene, the robots disobey all three laws. They are the ones who deliberately and purposefully injure Detective Del Spooner. Later on, it is known to the audience that this is a part of their programming, input by V.I.K.I. The supercomputer, interfaced with artificial intelligence, becomes concerned with the human’s safety – that they would result in their own demise – and decided to enslave the human race for their own good. When Spooner begins to realize that the robots are acting against the laws, he decides to stop the robots before they do any real damage. At this point, V.I.K.I uses violence against Spooner to kill him before he stops her from enslaving the entire human race. Through Big Brother’s actions towards those who contradict him and through V.I.K.I’s use of the robots against Spooner, they show how they use violence against the humans to commit mass

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