What Are People For By Wendell Berry Analysis

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Wendell Berry is the author of the nonfiction books What Are People For?; Standing on Earth; Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community; Another Turn of the Crank; Life Is a Miracle; Citizenship Papers; and most recently, The Way of Ignorance. Not only is he an American novelist, but he is also a poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and a farmer. He believes that he good life includes sustainable agriculture, appropriate technologies, healthy rural communities, connection to place, the pleasures of good food, husbandry, good work, local economics, and the interconnectedness of life. The threats Berry finds to this good simple life include: industrial farming and the industrialization of life, ignorance, hubris, greed, violence against others and against the natural world, the eroding topsoil in the United States, global economics, and environmental destruction.…show more content…
He says that the problem with us is because of our assumed limitlessness; we have insistently, and with relief, defined ourselves as animals or as “higher animals.” To recover from our disease of limitlessness, we will have to give up the idea that we have a right to be godlike animals. We will have to start over, with a different and much older premise: the naturalness and, for creatures of limited intelligence, the necessity of limits. We must learn to ask how we can make the most of what we are, what we have, and what we have been

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