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Virginia Shooting Video Essay As the debate of whether or not to show the video subsides, new arguments arise creating a huge wave over the social media sites and news stations. Two main issues can be debated when discussing the Virginia shooting video. First, the privacy and dignity of the victims of the shooting are at stake. The second issue is criminal violence, however most news sources seem to make the subject about gun control. It’s not a matter of the video being shown or not anymore. The video has already been released, and has also already been played by different news stations. Some might argue that most stations only showed still frames, or only gave a description of what happened, but doing both of those actually just creates…show more content…
Rather than the news team asking why the shooter committed the felony, they are more interested in the type of firearm used, or the size of the bullet, which is all irrelevant. There is more said about weapons in all of these wrong doings, rather than the sickness of the person, or people, committing the crimes. If people pay attention, they will notice that the news stations only ever talk about the pistol that was used as the murder weapon, and how the government should ban guns as a result. However, firearms are not the problem, nor have they ever been. Handguns are actually a form protection and not the cause of the murders. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. One indicator that this is a politicized argument against firearms, is that cars and alcohol are still legal in the United States. “On average about 30 people die almost every day in vehicle crashes that involves an alcohol-impaired driver.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Cars and alcohol kill many times more people than guns do. An example of anti-gun lobbying being successful would be Mexico. Mexico is one of the most dangerous places to be in because if somebody attempts to harm you, then you have no way of protecting yourself. A human is defenseless against a rife, unless they have one themselves as well. “Gun battles between rival criminal gangs or with Mexican authorities have indeed taken place multiple times in broad daylight on street corners and common places like restaurants and clubs.” (US Passports & International Travel). If a stranger pulled a pistol randomly in Mexico, then all of the moral law abiding citizens would be defenseless. Firearms in the hands of the noble guys, keep people safe. One more example would be that the most dangerous place to be would be a

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