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10 Russian Superstitions The supernatural and something mysterious has always attracted people. Believing signs or not - a private matter. Men’s desire to protect themselves and to create around a positive environment for a prosperous life eventually led to such a concept, as a superstition. Many Russian people are very superstitious. Superstitions cause them to act in a rather unusual way. It is essential to know the customs and superstitions of some nation for avoiding misunderstanding between people, especially while traveling. Most of Russian superstitions come from folk stories or fairy tales. They are associated with the pagan belief that there are spirits who live in forests, rivers, cattle yards and houses. Moreover, in different countries, the belief in such magic powers is different. And Russia is not an exception. Here is the list of the main Russian superstitions that affect different areas of life... 1. Friday the 13th Friday the 13th are considered unlucky by Russians. The belief in a horrible day, Friday the 13th supposedly emerged from the interpretation of the Old Testament. Ostensibly, this day Cain killed his brother Abel. Over time, the legend has acquired a huge amount of speculation, turning the figure 13 in a…show more content…
Even if they are very late for train, they will sit down for a little while before setting off. This superstition is based on the ancient faith in good and evil spirits that rule the world. It was believed that domestic spirits cling to man, preventing him on the road and trying to bring back home and therefore the journey can be unlucky. Sitting before a long journey, the spirits can be fooled - they think that no one is going anywhere, and lose vigilance. Moreover, this superstition has a practical explanation – it is always useful to sit down and put thoughts in order before a long

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