Come African Cultural Concepts, By Steve Biko

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The Treatment of Africans by “Westerners” The African culture has been systematically degraded and disrupted by western civilization for hundreds of centuries. In Steve Biko’s essay, “Come African Cultural Concepts” Biko discusses in detail this process of disruption, how it has affected African culture and the importance African culture plays in society. Biko’s essay also shows the similarities between the treatment of Africans by “westerners” and the treatment of African Americans by “westerners” in America. His exemplars, which describe how acculturation of western culture with African culture, show that the influence on indigenous cultures is still disrupting their societies today. This is idea can be paralleled with the way African Americans in America are treated by westerners.…show more content…
Westerners instilled the idea that Africans and their culture was inferior to western civilization because they based their beliefs of superstition instead of logic and reasoning. This idea continued on long after European countries like England, France, and Belgium, left Africa. It instilled in the minds of African taught them that their culture was something to be ashamed of. Biko states that although westerners had an impact on African culture that was too grave to ignore, they did not succeed in completely destroying or replacing the culture with their own. Biko notes in his essay that African culture is too deeply rooted to destroy completely, even after multiple attempts, a number of cultural characteristics

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